Teplice sanatoriums

The ancient city of Teplice, which dates back more than 2000 years, is located in a mountainous area in the north of the Czech Republic, 90 km from the capital Prague. It has been visited by guests from the Middle East for more than 30 years

Today, it is one of the largest treatment cities in the Czech Republic and is visited by 1200 visitors annually, specializing in the treatment of motor and neurological diseases in children and adults

It features hot springs (the only one of its kind in the world)

The pools and basins in the Teplice spa are filled with warm mineral water from a fountain called Pravídlo, a natural spring. The ratio of minerals in the water is medium (1064 mg / L). The fluoride is relatively high (7,34 mg / L) Radon. The natural water temperature is 41 ° C

Water gained therapeutic power during 18,000 years. Where the rain from the mountains penetrated deep volcanic rocks under the city of Teplice, to acquire over thousands of years the heat and minerals and the unique healing power from the ground.


Treatment in Teplice sanatoriums

Diseases of the motor system:

Inflammatory and degenerative motor diseases, spinal syndromes, musculoskeletal diseases, postoperative cases and post surgical procedures of motor organs. Genetic bone diseases, spine scoliosis, chronic juvenile arthritis.


Vascular diseases:

Peripheral vascular diseases, post-vascular and chronic lymphoblastic conditions, postoperative conditions of the circulatory system, hypertension of first to third degree, blood circulation disorders due to diabetes.


Neurological diseases:

Post-stroke, post-operative spine and brain surgeries, MS, genetic paralysis, cerebral palsy, motor diseases after brain and spinal cord infections, muscular diseases, and neurological diseases due to diabetes.

High probability of treatment success: 96.1%

How it works: Unique hot water + effective rehabilitation program + experience of professional workers

Contraindications in the treatment of Teplice:

Severe infectious diseases, acute disease, clinical signs of hemodialysis, malignancy of the heart system, post-thromboembolism and thrombophlebitis, diabetes, recurrent excess bleeding, dengue, malignant neoplasms, psychosis and mental disorders , substance abuse, inability to self-sustain, incontinence , pregnancy, imperfect skin defects, hypertension above 16 kPa (diastolic pressure) ± 120 mm Hg.


Teplice Spas:

Caesar Clinic:

A 4-star adult treatment facility. This impressive building from 1845 was named in honor of the visit of Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I.

The clinic has 132 beds in single or double rooms, private bathroom, hair dryer, telephone, safe, refrigerator, TV screen with satellite and internet access


Beethoven Clinic:

It is an adult treatment facility with 323 beds, in single or double rooms, equipped with private bathroom, telephone, refrigerator, satellite TV

* There is also the famous Beethoven room – where the famous composer Beethoven lived in 1812

Treatment at the Beethoven Clinic provides the possibility of providing the therapeutic program with all its specialties in the clinics of Teplice – (diseases of the motor system and neurology) and other specialties

The Beethoven Clinic offers an extensive list of procedures for treatment with water by hot springs, rehabilitation programs and other procedures (more about procedures, thermal baths and gymnasiums).


Stone Clinic:

Is a clinic dedicated to the treatment of adults and children. It is built in the modern Baroque style. It dates back to 1911 (originally opened under the name of the Empress Elizabeth clinics, in honor of the visit of the famous German ruler)

The Chanov Park is one of the most beautiful places in the Teplice area

All services under one roof – accommodation, food, treatment – without the need to move from place to place

There are 78 beds in single and double rooms with satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, private bathroom, safe. All floors are accessible by lift.

Within the immediate building of the spa there is also the Salt Cave, which is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

One visit to the salt cave (45 minutes) is equivalent to three days at the beach, thanks to the high proportion of iodine. The unique environment rich in minerals, iodine, potassium and ciline alleviates the problems of people with allergies and asthma, and helps in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, skin fungi and psoriasis


Nove Lazne Clinic:

For the treatment of young children (ages 3 months and up to 18 years) Treatment of all types of diseases of the motor and nervous system The possibility of housing in modern apartments with four or six rooms in the nearby clinic building,

The main source of treatment is hot water from the Bravergidello fountain, which has a marked effect on muscle relaxation in association with the effective rehabilitation program

Advanced rehabilitation program: methods of doctor  Vojta,  Bobath concept  and Kabat, reflexive synergistic treatment, the method of doctor Mujisheva, methods of massage for muscles and other soft tissue, and other methods

Treatment procedures: laser therapy, electrolysis, thermal therapy, traditional hand massage, inhalation, parabodium (stand and movement aids), body concentration for suitable positions, carbon baths in bagasse, oxygen therapy and other methods.