Klimkovice Spa

Located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, Klimkovice is a small town in the district of the town of Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic.

It is 400 kilometers from the capital Prague and 300 kilometers from Vienna, a city close to the Polish border and also to the Slovak border

The Klimkovice Clinic for Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation provides specialized care for clients with neurological problems and motor disabilities

The Klimkovice Clinic specializes in treating adults and children with cerebral palsy, brain and spinal injuries, rehabilitation after stroke and after surgery after joint replacement.

The Klimkovice Clinic is one of the most modern clinics in the Czech Republic and has provided high quality rehabilitation care since 1994. The team of doctors, physiotherapists and other health workers aims to help every patient in the clinic to get rid of his health problems and rehabilitate him. In addition to modern treatment and diagnostic devices, there are also the natural sources of mineral water rich in bromine and iodine, and these water contains a high percentage of active mineral substances.

There are two buildings in the Klimkovice clinic, building A which is the building for the treatment of adults  and Building B, the children’s treatment facility.


Treatment at Klimkovice Clinic

The clinic treats the diseases of the motor and nervous system and rehabilitation for adults and children.

Such as post-stroke and stroke rehabilitation, gerontology, joints, spinal problems and paralysis. Lack of growth and birth problems, lack of oxygen in children.

The Klimkovice Clinic is equipped to provide patients with health and rehabilitation care

The Klimkovice Clinic is unique and a leading clinic for treatment of children and adolescents.

The diseases of the muscles, bones and diseases of the nervous system are treated

This is due to the progress of medical and rehabilitation methods used such as the treatment of Vojta, Kabat method, Bobath concept, local treatment, training of motor skills of the body.  And improving the patient’s fine motor skills.


Therapeutic programs:

Classical Therapy Program:

The classical treatment program consists of iodine and bromine pools, individual exercises (30 minutes), functional therapy (based on exercises and dynamic devices), hydrotherapy, thermal therapy, physiotherapy.


Reha KLIM + 18 Intensive Program

This program is designed for adult patients and children who suffer from impaired mobility due to brain damage (cerebral palsy and stroke) as well as accidents and head injuries. This program uses aerobic splints that help to activate the blood vessels in the tissues, improve muscular effort, prevent erratic involuntary movements. Exercise is also practiced on ropes. This exercise allows for the movement of some muscles and at the same time imposes movement on other muscles.

This program reduces muscle irritation and shortness, increases  muscle strength, improves  movement, balance, body coordination, improves  fine motor skills, exercises  and teaches correct movement patterns.


KLIM-THERAPY therapeutic program

This program is based on a two-and-a-half hour intensive daily exercise using special techniques, which significantly increases the therapeutic effect on  the nervous system. This program is suitable for adult patients suffering from brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, children with cerebral palsy, growth disorders that cause motor problems, brain damage due to inflammatory diseases, stroke and excessive movement. The therapeutic plan of Klim Therapy not only helps improve physical abilities, but also improves mental well-being, improves self-reliance, changes pathological reactions, reinforces proper movement patterns and strengthens the body’s muscles in general. The expected results of the program are improving the central nervous system, improving body balance, correcting physical structure, correcting movement, increasing body sensation, correcting walking, reducing involuntary disturbance, improving cognitive functions, improving muscle growth, developing motor skills, Muscle contractions, correcting the standing of the hips and improving their function.

  • Contraindications of this program are infectious diseases transmitted from person to person, all diseases in acute stages, failure in circulation, arrhythmia, chronic dermatological problems, deep surface sores, diabetes, bleeding, anemia, malignant tumors, acute epilepsy , Psychological psychosis, aggressivity, severe osteoporosis, openings in the body, high temperature, hip dislocation more than 50%.


Accommodation in Klimkovice

The Klimkovice Clinic offers 3-star hotels with single and double rooms and suites for all rooms and suites offering luxury and comfort to the residents of the clinic. Rooms at the clinic are equipped for disabled people, making it easy to stay and move for wheelchair users. Each room has its own independent bathroom and a TV screen with Arab satellite channels, telephone and internet.

The restaurant has a restaurant that serves Halal meals for Arab guests

The restaurant is open buffet with diet for diabetics, gallbladder patients and others, and a diet can be provided for guests who wish.