Jachymov Spa

The Jachymov sanatorium is located west of the capital Prague near the German border and is considered a rural area surrounded by nature and green mountains. It is a distance of 128 km from Prague and Karlovy Vary is about 22 kilometers away.

The Jachymov Clinic is renowned for its treatment of irradiated radon water. It is the world’s first sanatorium of 1906 that uses radon water.


Radon Water:

Jachymov is located in a mountainous region, a mountain rich in silver metal and other minerals, which led to the construction of mines in the city. This helped to gain a good name for the city of Jachymov and this thanks to its silver currency, which is manufactured and held in the Royal Court.

The water is in the view and scales of the peaks of the Krushne Hory Mountains, which have settled underground in the ancient miners’ corridors hundreds of meters below the surface of the earth. To acquire the advantages of these precious metals.

Radon water is characterized by its terrific strength in the treatment of wounds, pain relief and activation of the circulatory system and helps to a high degree in improving the performance of the motor and nervous system and immune system.


Diseases treated by the Jachymov Clinic:

Diseases of the motor system:

All diseases related to the motor system such as rehabilitation after surgery on the spine and joint diseases such as the replacement of joints and diseases of rheumatism and osteoporosis and others.


Nervous System Diseases:

Rehabilitation after stroke. Cases of paralysis and post-accident rehabilitation. Spondylitis, Parkinson’s and sclerosis


Diseases of the blood vessels:

Diseases of atherosclerosis and vascular problems after stroke and diabetes

Treatment methods:

The Jachymov Clinic is characterized by the use of modern therapeutic methods and natural resources such as radon water and mineral water

Brachyradium Therapy:

This is a unique therapy and is characterized by the Clinic for the treatment of chronic pain in the motor and nervous system.

Radon Water:

It is unique water which is extracted from uranium mines that have accumulated over the centuries. The patient is subjected to sessions and the passage of ponds of radon water it has the effect of very effective and excellent pain relief.

Electro-laser treatment:

This is characterized by electromagnetic currents characterized by the modern equipment used in the clinic. This treatment has a great effect in pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect and improves blood circulation and reduces convulsions.

Abnormal exercises: This is the treatment methods used for the physiotherapy of the motor system, which is characterized by the focus on the injured part, which does not work in an optimal manner. The treatment is with the assistance of a specialist and is considered an integral part of the treatment of motor and nervous system


The Jachymov Clinic also features a wide range of massage and massage treatments to stimulate the dorsal cycle, such as: Classical, reflexive and manual massage, massage under water, mud massage and compresses.