Ensana Health Spa Resort Heviz (HU)

Heviz is part of the European Ensana Health Spa Resorts. A range of health hotel resorts located in the heart of Europe. Which ensures luxury and comfort for guests.

The thermal lake of Heviz is the largest of its kind in the world. It is situated on the north-west of HUNGARY, around 200 km far from either Budapest or Vienna.

The water contains sulphide and its average temperature in the summer is 33-35 degrees Celsius. The water of the lake is famous for its curative effect as well as the mud from the lake.

This wellness spa boasts one of the most exciting water complexes featuring a leisure pool, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and indoor and outdoor thermal baths.

Treatments include massages, mud packs, Kneipp treatment, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, inhalations and phototherapy available Monday to Saturday.


Cellu M6 – LPG: is a cosmetic massage machine using mechanical stimulation that helps for faster healing of scars, burns, for muscle and joint pain and stiffness. It is also used for warming up of muscles before sports and healing smaller sports injuries

Technology Regen: is a radio frequency machine and is the absolute top of modern medicine. It is the best, painless alternative of plastic surgery used for body firming and shaping.

Cosmetic laser Sparidonn: the whole procedure as follows: makeup removal, peeling (deep cleaning) of skin, application of cleaning carbon mask, laser + serum, hydrating mask, cream, coloring and shaping eyebrows

Stimulating laser treatment: for regeneration and rejuvenation of skin, healing of local inflammation (acne, eczema), supports growth of new hair.