Darkov Spa

Located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, it is a small town in the district of Moravian-Silesian Region with its capital, Ostrava, the third largest city in Czech Republic.

It is 400 kilometers from the capital Prague and 300 kilometers from Vienna, a city close to the Polish border and also to the Slovak border.

It deals with the treatment of the motor and nervous system and post-accident situations, operations and strokes. As well as treat heart disease and blood vessels. And dermatological issues and women’s diseases.

Relaxation and relaxation stays can be booked using swimming pools, sauna, massage and gym.

Darkov is known for its natural iodine and bromine mineralized water in combination with modern exercises leading to a perfect,  effective treatment.

Diseases treated at the Darkov Spa

Diseases of the motor system:

Diseases of rheumatism, relapsing diseases, post-traumatic events, strokes and paralysis of various types and processes, post surgery of artificial joints and others Arthritis Joint and tendon pain, Chronic vertebral diseases, Arthritis of the hip, Rheumatism outside the joint Osteoporosis with complications, Post-amputation cases, Post Orthopedic operations, Post-injury cases

Diseases of the nervous system:

Poliomyelitis, Lower Dysplasia, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, cases after Neurosurgery, Neuropathy

Vascular diseases:

Hypertension diseases of the arteries of the limbs, strokes, cases after the reconstruction of blood vessels, heart diseases

skin diseases:

Ectopic eczema, Common psoriasis, chronic skin diseases, Post-burn cases, Skin poisoning diseases

Women’s diseases:

Internal genital diseases, Post – operative cases, women’s infertility

Treatment at the Darkov Spa

The therapeutic program at the Darkov Spa is based on physical and occupational therapy. They are dependent on natural resources, iodized water and bromine. With functional and mechanical therapy based on the latest equipment used to strengthen muscles and nerves and improve the functional performance of the body.

The weekly treatment program for patients staying in the clinic is divided into 36 sessions divided into days of the week from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is a day of rest for the patients. This program includes individual sessions and group sessions, hand and foot pools, bromine baths and mineral water baths.

For outpatient patients, the treatment program consists of 20 weekly sessions divided into weekdays from Monday to Friday.


Staying at the Darkov Spa

The Drakov Spa has single and double rooms and suites (Comfort and Deluxe). All rooms and suites offer the comfort and convenience to the spa guests. Rooms at the clinic are equipped for disabled people, making it easy to stay and move for wheelchair users. Each room has its own independent bathroom and a TV screen with Arab satellite channels, telephone and internet.

The restaurant serves halal meals for Arab guests.

The restaurant is open buffet with diet for diabetics, gallbladder patients and others, and a diet can be provided for guests who wish.