Cleopatra Plastic Surgery

A renown clinic with over 20 years of experience and many satisfied customers. You will be in the care of well experienced professionals in a modern, well equipped clinic in Ostrava, the third largest city in Czech Republic.

With us you have the beauty you dream of within reach. The vast majority of people seek balance and symmetry, for face, curve, weight… You might need a little help where diet and exercise is not enough.

Cleopatra Clinic can offer almost everything possible in the area of aesthetic surgery and medicine today. We have a large number of service options, from which you can select your optimal, ideal procedures.

Our greatest wish…our keenest goal…is that each of our clients is satisfied with the outcome of treatment & surgery performed. Equally important, is that each client harbors a good feeling from the professional & amenable approach of our staff. We strive to advise you, and take care of you, so that you’ll feel fully at home, at Cleopatra Clinic