Neurorehabilitation clinic Axon

 A highly specialized clinic in Prague that provides the latest intensive therapy for adults and children with Cerebral Palsy, stroke, head trauma, spinal cord injuries and other diseases of the CNS.

Kosmik Therapy

This program is based on the Therasuit method which uses neuromobilisation, exercising on a pulley system and an exercise device called TheraSuit.

It is intended for patients with cerebral palsy, integration disorders, after a stroke, after brain tumours, after head and spine injuries and other diseases of the central nervous system.

The intensity of this therapy allows patients to make significant progress and as a result it creates new movement formula – new memory tracks.

CI Therapy

This is a three week long intensive therapy designed for patients with a disability to a limb or one side of the body. For example it is suitable for patients with monoparetic or hemiparetic cerebral palsy, after a stroke, after craniocerebral traumas or patients with multiple sclerosis.

The basis of CI upper limb therapy is to immobilize the healthy limb by means of orthosis and therefore force the affected limb’s activity.

The result of this therapy is improving the range of movement, increasing muscle strength and more frequent use of the disabled limb.


The Axon Clinic offers rehabilitation with the Lokomat robotic device to practice the right stereotype of walking.

It’s intended for patients with both permanent and temporary disabilities to the lower limbs. Lokomat stimulates the patients motor and sensory system.



Deals with improving or maintaining a person’s functional abilities. It is suitable for various types of disabilities – motoric, sensory, psychological, mental or social disadvantage.

The purpose is to maintain a person’s self-sufficiency in daily activities. It is based on training the upper limb motor activity, graphomotor skills and cognitive training.

The result of this therapy is greater independence in everyday life.

The clinic offers the Therasuit method, Lokomat, SI therapy, ergotherapy, intensive rehabilitation in 4 week long packages with 4 hours of therapy daily (except for weekends).